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Allow me to provide an update on the Gentoo camera and share a few words about its “difficult birth” and where we stand today.

When we decided to start work on the Gentoo a little more than 8 months ago our motivation behind doing it was that that the market is missing a professional camera
for the Super8 format and ever since we did our Chatham camera some seven years ago, we have been longing to make a successor which we had hoped the Humboldt
would be, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be (with us as the driving force) and today that camera no longer carries any heritage from us.

In Q3-2021 we started kicking the idea around internally that we should make a new Super8 camera which would set the stage for professional users.

From the onset we knew that Gentoo would be a hard sell.

We aspired to hit a sales price of 3.500 EUR but it was quickly apparent that it was going to be impossible to reach that number unless we would sell a few hundred cameras
and knowing that our first camera didn’t even sell fifty at that price level we then had to work “backwards” together with our sub-contractors and derive the
sales price from a minimum amount of manufactured cameras and the smallest batch some of our subcontractors wanted to commit to was fifty so we asked for
quotes on that which landed us at the 5.000 EUR price.

The trouble was that we had to buy fifty sets of all parts up-front to hit that price point.

Two weeks after launching the camera we had fifty-one people providing their details and requesting sales contracts, so we were confident that Gentoo was a homerun but
eventually out of those fifty-one people only twelve converted into actual sales and it was alarmingly apparent that we would never be able to hit the fifty cameras
which we had done our cost calculations based on and as we had to buy fifty sets to start manufacturing and we had promised a 6-8 months delivery time it was
simply impossible for us to proceed with the Gentoo program as we couldn’t wait for customers to potentially come
forward and we had to cancel it.

In the immediate aftermath several of the twelve signing customers as well as some new customer prospects came forward and asked if we could conceive making a smaller
batch of cameras than the original fifty units knowing that the price would then obviously be higher, and we are currently exploring if this is an option as a
one-off batch together with our sub-contractors.

We hope to reach a conclusion relatively soon in that regard.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get back to me if you have questions, comments, or concerns at

Yours truly