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Silovej 8, DK-9900 Frederikshavn, Denmark

Galapagos GS16

Pin registration for ultra-sharp image
Fixed rotating disc shutter @ 172.8 degrees
100ft daylight reel loaded magazine
Silent operation
Programmable frame rates up to 48fps
Industry standard V-Lock nano battery mount
PL-Mount with internal lens data provisions for future MFT mount upgrade
Ultra-high quality microprism focus screen with 1080p60 3G-SDI reflex finder output
11VDC to 28VDC polarity agnostic LEMO 1B.302 input
Two fused (LEMO 0B.302) 14.4V power outputs with Panavision polarity
One (LEMO 0B.310) accessory connector
Side display with status info, frame counter and system settings information
USB for firmware upgrades
Silent operation up to 26fps
90fps is possible against fee

The Galapagos GS16 has been cancelled in favor of our Magellan 65 platform.

we may decide to bring it forward at a later time.