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  • The swirvel adjustable side monitor eases "point and shoot" operation and if a larger screen is wanted it's easily connected by the CVBS input.
  • Introducing the Logmar S8 :: A super8 camera made for professionals featuring electronic viewfinder, any-frame-rate motor control from 18fps to 54fps, WiFi remote control and audio recording in CD Quality on SD-Card.
  • Internal view of the camera - SD Card is popped up purposedly to show it's location
  • The camera uses standard cassettes from Kodak
  • The film threading of the Logmar S8 reveals the secret behind the fantastic image stability which is unsurpassed by any other super8 camera - this camera employs side steering of the film, pin registration and a 180 degree guillotine shutter that ensures 100% lens to film path with no objects inbetween.
  • Handheld operation is made possible by the external trigger input that works with most industry standard handgrips.
  • Connectivity is key! - The Logmar S8 is fully equipped with both USB, Line input, Headphone output, Phantom powered XLR microphone, Jack microphone as well as external trigger input.
  • The camera supports external power input as well as being able to power external devices (such as a monitor) with 12VDC and has an industry standard CVBS video output for the video assist with menu overlay. Audio is stored on a standard SD-Card.
  • The intuitive menu system allows seamless control of the various functions in an easy to understand and use fashion

Film is back!

8mm is revived after more than 20 years of standby